Social Media – How to Use it to Sell Your Website

Social media is one of the newest devices that is used within the realms of SEO and internet marketing. It is certainly the fasted growing area of internet marketing and SEO; Facebook has 175 million users every 24 hours and the average number of tweets sent on Twitter is 1.3 million per hour.

The question is, how to utilise this tool to aid your business? Interactive, social media is helping to push forward a new era of relationships between businesses and consumers. It is clearly an advantage in this respect, however, it is vital to remember the new challenges that it may bring. This new form of media makes the consumer much more open to other competitors and enables them to make a choice in a more direct environment. It is up to you to gain the consumers attention with the help of this ever growing phenomenon.

So, you may be wondering, how can I do this? Well, obviously you could attempt to start your own campaign, however, it is largely recommended that you arrange a specific strategy with a website expert who has specialist knowledge in the field of social media, internet marketing and SEO. Social media is seen as just one segment that works in tandem with the other features of building and maintaining a successful website, such as web design, pay per click and SEO. When deciding upon which web expert company to employ, it is of importance to bear in mind these questions to ask:

1. Do you have any specific experience relating to social media? Can you show me any examples of previous work that you have undertaken?

2. Can you continue to maintain the social media strategy for my business? (For example, can you regularly write posts for me and update my profile?)

3. Can you teach me how to use the sites so that I can maintain it myself?

4. Will you be able to correlate my website and social media sites together?

Questions 1 and 2 are of the most importance, it is crucial that from the beginning you are aware of how the social media sites are going to be maintained, whether you will do it yourself or it will be part of the contract that the web expert company will maintain it for you.

Social media is only going to become a bigger part of internet marketing as time goes on, it is up to you as a business owner to decided whether you want your business to be a part of it or loose out on this invaluable, and often inexpensive tool.

To name just a few, here are some of the fundamental features that social media can bring to your business:

• It will heighten your web presence, gaining you access to customers where you previously couldn’t interact with them

• It will help to forge and maintain more personal relationships with your clients as you will be able to contact them directly and vice versa

• It’s a device in which to network with prospective clients and competition

• It is also a form of ‘free’ advertising and a great way to extend your offline sales pitch

Eleanor Woodall

The Best Technique to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is currently one of the fastest growing online fads. If you have not heard of it yet, then you need to be more up to date with what is happening online. Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging site. Its users can send and receive messages, which are otherwise known as tweets.

One of the things that a regular Twitter user often tries to achieve is to get as many followers as possible. Many people go through methods that are against the rules of the site, so they end up getting banned. However, there is a technique that will help you get many followers which is within the rules of the microblogging site. Aside from this, the fact that this technique is very simple and without cost makes it the best technique for those who are using this social networking site.

The technique is called “Follow-Hijacking”. Although the term can be very misleading, the technique is allowed by the site. The first thing you need to do is to identify the followers that you want. It does not necessarily have to be specific persons. Instead, think of a particular characteristic that you would like to target. It can be an interest like gardening, a field of work like medicine, or sometimes simply other people who have a lot of followers. However it is likely that you will choose to follow a ‘guru’ in your niche, an expert or celebrity even who has attracted a faithful and often massive following.

Search for just one person who fulfills your target characteristic, then you simply go to their list of followers and follow each user listed there without overdoing it. You have a higher probability of them following you back because it is likely that they share that target characteristic with the person they are following.

David Blair worked over 30 years of his life in the corporate world, the last six years as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a multi-national construction Company.

Where in the World is Social Media?

Good ideas can come in all shapes and forms; they can be well thought out and meticulously sculpted, or hectically thrown together on a whim and a good feeling. Just ask Matt Harding, the creator and star of the Internet video sensation “Where the Hell is Matt” as well as several other creative videos. Matt’s video’s take him all over the world where he may display some questionable dance moves, but presents them in locations that are so strikingly beautiful and unique that no one really seems to care. Matt’s dance moves took him to all corners of the earth and include locations such as Paris, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Seoul, and Kuwait. According to Matt, since the start of his Journey back in 2003, he has since been to all 7 continents, visited 55 countries, received a sponsorship from Stride Gum and been hired by Visa to star in their upcoming Travel Happy campaign.

Matt started filming videos of himself doing his now famous dance, when one of his travel buddies told him to do the dance on camera. When the comedic potential of Matt’s dancing was discovered, it was decided that more dancing shots should be filmed, and eventually a short film was compiled. His second film “Where the Hell is Matt (2006)” garnered a much larger response, as it featured him dancing at 36 famous landmarks all over the world, and was able to spread around the internet thanks to the arrival of video sharing network YouTube. To date that video has accumulated more than 15,000,000 views.

However, it was what Matt decided to do on his third and most successful video that is the reason for this article. Now with the status of Internet celebrity, and with the secure backing of an enthusiastic sponsor, Matt reached out to his fans with the help of his website. He asked his fans that would like to have their country visited and be featured dancing in his next video, to email him with their location and a time to meet. The results that followed are not only staggering but moving on an emotional level as well. In “Where the Hell is Matt (2008)” Matt visited an amazing 69 countries, and filmed himself dancing with thousands of people all over the world. With the addition of his tactic to include local people dancing in the video, Matt’s third film’s views skyrocketed to 29,000,000.

Matt had the wisdom to realize that what he was offering, a fun and lighthearted video of a lone man dancing all over the world, had much more reach and appeal if he included not just himself but hundreds of others who love to dance. Using the power of the Internet and the amazing ability for people to connect on social networks, Matt reached out to those who loved his video and gave them the opportunity to join in on the fun. Matt’s video shows in the most touching of ways that people love to interact and to be a part of something. With the inclusion of more people in his video to not only make the film more interesting, but also to have the film shared exponentially across the web by those who participated, the third installment of “Where the Hell is Matt” saw its total number of views double when compared to the 2006 film.

The same thing is being done in the business world every day, as the ever growing power and reach of social media allows businesses to connect with their customers like never before. If anything Matt has shown the business world that if you can create a product that people want and find interesting, and give them a way to share it and even participate in it, than your end result will always be greater than if you chose to go at it alone. So before you start your next marketing campaign or update your business scheme for the next financial quarter, remember Matt’s advice, and get as many of your customers and fans involved as possible.

How to Follow Someone on Twitter

When you follow someone on Twitter, this means you want to subscribe to that person’s tweets. That person’s updates will always show up on your Twitter home page. For example, if you were to follow Pete, you will receive Pete’s tweets on your own home page. Additionally, when following someone, the person you follow will be given permission to send you private tweets. These are called “direct messages”. You can see how many people you are following as well as how many people are following you on your profile page.

When you start tweeting, you should always check out who is following you on your following page. It is only good etiquette that if you follow someone, they should follow you as well. Generally, you should un-follow those people who don’t follow you in return after about three days or so.

So, What is a Follower, anyway?

These are the people who will have your updates show up on their Twitter home page. Those who are following you will also receive your tweets on their phone or application if they have it set up to do that. Basically, you can think of it like this: If you click on follow on someone’s home page, you are now his or her follower.

How do you know you are following someone?

After clicking “Follow” on a person’s profile, you’re automatically following them and that person will show up in your “Following” list. You will notice that the button will change color to a green check mark indicating that you are following that person.

How to determine who is following you

You will get an email from Twitter immediately when someone decides to follow you. You’ll have to set up your email preferences to let Twitter know where to send you follower updates to you. Your followers actually link to your profile page, which is located on the sidebar, and you can always visually determine how many followers you have.

Is there a way I can ask someone to follow me?

Unfortunately, Twitter is a little different than other social sites like Facebook. There isn’t a way do actually ask someone to follow you. Some tweeters use the @reply feature on twitter to ask people to follow them, but this usually doesn’t turn in to a new follower. The best way to gain friends and followers on Twitter is to use it. Follow those who follow you and others should follow you if you are following them. You can reply to tweets from your followers that are interesting to you and people will see that you are actively engaged and your followers will increase over time.

Is Our Personal Data Safe With Facebook?

Facebook, a social networking site is one of the most popular websites, boasting more than 400 million active users and ongoing. However, due to its users posting personal data on this site, it is very important as to how Facebook handles its users’ information. Its growth has been met with criticism on a range of issues, especially the privacy of their users, child safety, data mining etc.

According to a website posted in Tinkrbox, a social bookmarking site, Facebook, in the beginning restricts user to show their personal information to just their friends and their network. Over the couple of years, these privacy settings become more and more permissive. The default settings of sharing personal information to only friends changed to sharing with public. The settings also became more and more confusing, all for the purpose of collecting user statistics. The side effect of this is that would unknowingly share their personal information to people that they do not know.

In a news article in Tinkrbox, Facebook was caught leaking user information to advertisers. Upon being caught, Facebook quickly changed its policy to prevent this from happening. Which brings us to the question, can we truly trust Facebook with our personal information? By just casually browsing through Facebook, we can already view pictures of strangers, their birthday and more if they had not configured their settings properly.

With these happenings, more and more users are quitting Facebook. There was even a QuitFacebookDay website being set up by disgruntled users who does not like how Facebook handle their personal information. A Facebook alternative is currently being developed, aimed at creating a social networking site which lets user control their network instead of leaving it to some company.